Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Need To Back Up

I have not blogged for some time as I have been exceptionally busy, I have three deadlines to make and little time to make them in so I have been writing furiously and procrastinating the rest of the time. Factor in a sick child with a cough like a Walrus (or is that a Seal) and I have had little time for anything else, notably the laundry, the dishes, the housecleaning etc. By last weeks end I came to the conclusion I need back up, I have finally got someone in to tackle the jungle at the front and back of the house and turn it back into a semi-decent excuse for a garden, Kind Andrew is charging me a reasonable rate to hide the fact that sometimes life as a writer takes precedence over all else including the rose bushes (much to the chagrin of the neighbours and there prizewinning rhododendron filled gardens) and this writer just wants to sit in a beautiful garden and pen her thoughts but not have anything to do with the way it looks, this goes for the house also. This takes me to the point of the blog, the need to back up. Its something I almost always forget to do and when stuff happens like the computers adaptor not working and I cant get to my work and freak out at the Hewlett Packard man in Mumbai over the phone. I realise while purveying the mess around me that in ALL aspects of my life there is a need to backup, not just from a computers hard drive. So the only answer is for me to be paid a lot of money so I can call on the cook and the cleaner and the nanny and I can write (or procrastinate) to my hearts content while they do the freaking out, life would then I imagine be one rose filled garden! (ahem) I will let you know (smile)