Friday, 14 May 2010

Journalists and Interviews

I was in the middle of re-writing a very difficult chapter when I received a phone call from someone who shall remain anonymous that a journalist/writer was very interested in interviewing me about my story for their publication. When the conversation was over, I sat and looked at the chapter I was in the middle of and laughed its called 'Looking Through The Darkness" its the most serious, shocking, most uncomfortable to read part of the book and I have been through the 'truth telling vs sensationalism' mill so many times only to reach the same conclusion. The universe has a wry sense of humour. Whenever I am faced with the fear of the impact my words will have on those who read it, particularly on those who are in the book, a journalist calls and wants to hear my story. Let me tell you about Journalists which most who have been interviewed by a few will know. JOURNALISTS WRITE WHAT THEY WANT. and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. Creative control! what's that? you have none, you are at the mercy of their mood, their editor and their word max and what usually ends in print only vaguely resembles what you originally said.They re-write to fit in with their own world view. When I am faced with this reality I am reminded that I do have control over what I write, I have control what I put in my story and my truth is my truth, regardless of how it is interpreted by others. I have a friend to thank for this blog today, she allowed me to read something very personal that she wrote and published recently and I can say I admired her transparency and honesty and her unapologetic narrative. The truth is the truth and inspired by her bravery I will tell it no matter who wants to read it or not. So bring on the journalists and the interviews. My sword is double edged.