Monday, 20 December 2010


I woke up this morning with a head full of thought traffic all trying to find a place to park! This led me to reach for my notebook and pen till the engines quietened to a low rumble and the noise eventually died down. Sometimes you find yourself with way too much going on in your head and the last thing you can think about is writing. My thoughts this morning ranged from the dream I had about my blog (I kid you not) having a Child free Christmas (he's sunning it up with his Aunt) and whether it will snow again, all to the background music of 'Check it Out'. Now trust me I am no fan of the Pink Barbie (I find her music to be autotuned to death and her image slightly contrived) but it just goes to show how the brain like a radio can pick up so much useless static. My solution to unstick the unwanted is to keep a notebook by my bed and as soon as a I wake up I write all of the nonsense dancing around my head (usually to its own theme tune) until its exhausted and staggers out of 'Club Naomi J'. I write anything that comes to mind and when I am finished I take a deep breath feel a wave of calm wash over me and know I am ready to step into the zone with a blissfully blank brain. I have twisted the dial of my mind searched through the random thoughts, fine tuned my brain to a station playing 'The Writers Hour' and here Is where I find THE HEAD SPACE a place in my head to let the creative flow and write it all down. I love this space, I find peace in this space, its my own writers paradise and there's not a Mattel toy in sight!

Friday, 17 December 2010


I recently received an email from the publishers and although I am not going to reveal the contents of this email (loose lips sink ships my Mama always said) I want to confess ever since reading this mail I have been acting strange. Let me explain, well as all writers know it is important if you want to get a book written and be consistence you must have some form of routine. Working from home provides positives and negatives in equal amount but to save yourself from procrastination and indulging in too much daytime t.v you must have 1. A list of goals or deadlines for chapters. re-writes etc. 2. A piece of clothing you write in (a uniform of sorts but you can be excused if its that old comfy fisherman jumper you haven't washed in aeon's and smells like cat and coffee) and most importantly 3. Somewhere to write. Mine is (usually) a big beautiful teal blue chair with matching foot stool next to my window, where I can look out to blue skies and monster evergreens towering over a large park. However since the email, I have found the best place for me to write is in my bed?! under my duvet (me not the laptop) and well at first I fought it and made all attempts to sit in my chair, but in Goldilocks-esque dissatisfaction I have found myself gravitating back towards my bed. My blog today is to state that I give in! give in to the lure of the 24 tog and concede defeat to the duck down life of a writer under the duvet. It being winter and very cold in the rest of this house is my excuse and I'm sticking to it, but hey I'm getting a considerable amount of work done here and when I think of those sat in an office wishing they were where I am right now, I can do nothing but smile and feel like the luckiest gal in the cosmos. Am thinking I'll emerge some time around spring!